The Innovation Effect (TIE) connects students, companies and universities and deliver projects focused on insights, growth and innovation. In TIE’s Insight and Innovation Sprints, we recruit interdisciplinary student teams with the best competence to solve your company’s challenge. TIE facilitates the innovation process, meetings and workshops, provide continuous mentoring of the students and secure the quality of each delivery. We also offer Practice and Innovation Programs in collaboration with the University sector, our own Recruitment Sprints and innovation courses for company employees. Now we are also in the process of developing a new digital matchmaking platform to scale our services; TIE Connect.

Since our launch in 2015, TIE has carried out more than 150 projects in collaboration with over 65 companies, 30 universities and 500 students from Norway and abroad. They have helped to renew, transform and improve existing products, services and processes for small and large companies, in a wide range of industries. Together, we create an innovation effect.

TIE Connect

A digital matchmaking platform for students, companies and universities.

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Innovation Sprint

Young creative minds combined with experience create new opportunities.

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Insight Sprint

Collect and process data and insights quickly and efficiently.

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Practice Program

University collaborations: Credit-bearing practice programs integrated in the education.

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The Innovator

Prepare your company for change. We educate your employees to become true innovators.

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Student Recruitment

We have cutting-edge expertise in recruiting talented students and interdisciplinary teams.

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We renew, change and improve through three steps:

New Insights

Together with you as a customer, we define your needs and develop a tailor-made offer. We recruit and connect students in interdisciplinary teams. Efficient gathering of new market and customer insights, trends and best practices, combined with the students unique perspectives, result in new and valuable insights.

New Solutions

Development and testing are the main parts of the project. The student teams utilize the latest methods and techniques from their respective areas to develop new concepts, prototypes, strategies or processes. The team’s interaction with your company’s users and continious testing of their developments, creates a perfect basis for new solutions.


Innovation means to create something new. Measurement and evaluation of the insights, solutions and results created through the process gives great learning for both companies and students. Towards the end of each project, the student team present the final result and delivery. New solutions are ready for implementation.