We have expertise in recruiting talented students and interdisciplinary teams.

Since 2015, TIE has recruited close to 500 students for our Insight and Innovation sprints, from Norway and abroad. With well-tested and quality-assured methods, we have gained a unique experience of recruiting young talented minds, from a wide range of disciplines depending on the project challenge and desired competences. We recruit from both bachelor’s and master’s level, and among recent graduates. TIE collaborates with career centres, universities and colleges both in Norway and internationally on advertising student positions.
In our insight and innovation projects, we always recruit interdisciplinary student teams with relevant expertise and different perspectives. Through an efficient onboarding process, the team quickly gets to know each other, their project challenge, relevant innovation methodologies and TIE’s sprint framework. We collaborate with Human Factors AS to use Diversity Icebreaker® as a team development tool, and we work closely with the students to build high performance teams.
We offer our recruitment services to all companies seeking a quality-assured recruitment of young talented minds, for temporary or permanent positions. Through an effective recruitment sprint of 6 weeks, we assist in recruiting employees with the right skills to the right place. We can also facilitate employment programs where your new employees get a safe community experience with continuous skill sessions, innovation courses, workshops and/or project facilitation. All through a smooth and cost-effective process, and tailored to your needs.
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TIE Connect

A digital matchmaking platform for students, companies and universities.

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The Innovator

Prepare your company for change. We educate your employees to become true innovators.

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Innovation Sprint

Young creative minds combined with experience create new opportunities.

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Practice Program

University collaborations: Credit-bearing practice programs integrated in the education.

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Insight Sprint

Collect and process data and insights quickly and efficiently.

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