As a student in The Innovation Effect (TIE) projects, you work together with an interdisciplinary student team on solving a real problem for our client. You get the chance to work as real consultants, with a mandate to challenge the company and present innovative solutions. TIE provide continuous guidance and mentoring throughout the project. All projects are paid, part-time and can be combined with studies and other part-time jobs. You get a unique reference and recommendation letter and develop relevant skills for your future job.
If you are interested in participating in a project with us, you can visit our career page at Teamtailor and register in our database. Then we can contact you about current projects and you can keep updated on new project ads.
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The Innovation Effect (TIE) bring value and innovation to established companies with the help of young creative minds with new perspectives. We recruit the best student team to solve your company’s challenge, whether you need new insights, a new strategy, a new product or other solutions. TIE develops the project scope with the company and facilitate meetings and workshops. We give the students access to acknowledged innovation methods and creative tools, and mentor both parties throughout the project.
In addition to our student projects, we offer two innovation courses for company employees. TIE can help your company create innovators internally, renew work processes and prepare for change.
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