Create innovators internally and prepare your company for change.

The Innovator is a certified four-module practical and theoretical innovator program that renew work processes and improve workflow.
The Innovator is suitable for anyone who is interested in and works with innovation, from project leaders to CEOs. The program is tailored to suit the participants’ level of competence. Participants get access to innovative methodologies and creative tools and gain practical experience through working with the methodologies on real cases in the company.
What is innovation? What characterizes an innovator? What innovation methods are useful to use when? How can you develop your own creative toolbox and an action plan for further development? The Innovator includes both insight and innovation exercises, creative and conceptual exercises.
The program has a duration of four months and includes a lecture/workshop of 5 hours a month, in addition to practical assignments between each module. From 4 to 8 participants per program. Each participant will be issued a certification after completing the program.
Gain the skills and competence you need for running your own innovation processes. Contact us for more information.


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