In order to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, collaboration and innovation are more important than ever. The Innovation Effect has developed two new services to help businesses, students and temporarily laid-off workers in crisis: Dugnad Sprint and Crisis Recruitment. In the time to come, we will be offering our new services at a very reduced cost, in order to take our share of the ‘Dugnad’. Of course, our four traditional services are still available as well: Innovation Sprint, Insight Sprint, The Innovator and Design Sprint. All services are tailored to your company’s needs and you are free to combine as you wish.

Since its launch in spring 2015, TIE’s Innovation Sprint has been implemented in over 100 projects in collaboration with 60 companies and more than 400 students from both Norway and abroad. They have helped to renew, transform and improve existing products, services and processes for small and large companies, in a wide range of industries. Together, we create innovation effect.

Dugnad Sprint

Young talents help businesses in crisis, through a cost-effective process.

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Crisis Recruitment

We ensure a sustainable use of resources in a demanding time.

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Innovation Sprint

Young creative minds combined with experience create new opportunities.

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Insight Sprint

Collect and process data and insights quickly and efficiently.

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The Innovator

Prepare your company for change. We educate your employees to become true innovators.

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Design Sprint

A workshop-based program that puts the end user at the center of service and product development.

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We renew, change and improve through three steps:

New Insights

Together with you as a customer, we define your needs and develop a tailor-made offer. We recruit and connect students in interdisciplinary teams. Their unique perspectives result in new and valuable insights.

New Solutions

Testing and development are important parts of the project. The student teams utilize the latest methods and techniques from their respective areas. The team’s interaction with your users, and their testing of new insights creates a perfect basis for new solutions.


Innovation means to create something new. Measurement and evaluation of the insights, solutions and results created through the process gives great learning for both companies and students. Towards the end of each project, the student team present the final result. New solutions are ready for implementation.