Young creative minds combined with experience and acknowledged innovation methods create new opportunities.

In The Innovation Effect’s (TIE’s) Innovation Sprint, interdisciplinary student teams are working to solve different strategic challenges for companies, through a tailored innovation program over eight weeks.
The students are given the mandate to use their expertise to challenge the company and present innovative ideas to solve the challenges that the company is facing. The company receives a valuable delivery of new insights, a new strategy, a new product or other results. The goal of the program is to stimulate learning and co-creation between young creative minds and innovative companies.
TIE develops the project scope with the company and recruits the best student team to solve your company’s challenge. We facilitate meetings and workshops and give the students access to innovation methods and creative tools. Both parties receive continuous guidance and mentoring through the project.
TIE typically has three to five students per project. Each student works on the project for 10 to 15 hours a week.
Tap into the young mindset and get valuable results.  Contact us for an offer.


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