New knowledge, new solutions, innovate

We offer:

TIE Testlab

Test before you invest

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TIE 8 week innovation sprint

Professional consultancy and Young creative minds.

We connect interdisciplinary student teams to solve business challenges in a 8 week program.

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TIE Talent

Do you need a new employee?

Try our recruitment program and get access to our top graduates.

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TIE Testlab

TIE Testlab is the arena to connect with the younger generation.

In collaboration with the top universities and colleges, we gather the best minds into an intensive 4 hour workshop.

After completion, you receive a report highlighting key insights and new solutions.

TIE 8 week innovation sprint

TIE 8 week innovation sprint is a consulting service facilitated through our innovation program.

We recruit and mentor the students.

Students gain real work experience advising companies on how to grow, innovate and drive change.

TIE Talent

TIE Talent is a program that removes guesswork out of the recruitment process.

Our talents have been tested in real life projects. Delivering valuable results.

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Our method

We renew, change and improve through three steps:

New Insights

Together with you as a customer, we define your needs and develop a tailor-made offer. We recruit and connect students in interdisciplinary teams. Their unique perspectives result in new and valuable insights.

New Solutions

Testing and development are important parts of the project. The student teams utilize the latest methods and techniques from their respective areas. The team’s interaction with your users, and their testing of new insights creates a perfect basis for new solutions.


Innovation means to create something new. Measurement and evaluation of the insights, solutions and results created through the process gives great learning for both companies and students. Towards the end of each project, the student team present the final result. New solutions are ready for implementation.