Design Sprint is a workshop-based program that puts the end user at the center when services and products are to be renewed, changed and improved.

The Innovation Effects Design Sprint is suitable for anyone who wants to drive innovative service and product development. It is a practical and theoretical program where participants get access to specific tools, strategies and methodologies to work more efficiently and user-centered in innovation processes. The participants select a challenge that we work to solve through four module collections. Based on Design Thinking methodology, the process is tailored to solve the company’s challenge. The participants are introduced to the Design Thinking methodology and challenged to apply the theory in practice from day one, with a user-oriented and prototype-driven perspective.
Design Sprint was originally developed by Google, and the courses have typically gone over a few consecutive days or a week. TIE’s program is tailor-made to give the participants more time in-between sessions. The program runs over four months and includes one module session of 5 hours per month, where we work through the steps of the Design Thinking methodology. There are also team assignments between each module. This means that we work in-depth with the company’s issues to implement a full product / service development process, from idea to implementation. TIE facilitates the entire process and facilitates creative idea development, early prototyping and smart testing to ensure accurate and cost-effective solutions.
From 6 to 12 participants per program. Certificates of completion are issued in the final session. Contact us for an offer.


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